Who We Are?

Affluent Partners Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries are principally engaged in purchasing, processing, designing, production and wholesale distribution of pearls and jewellery products and the operation of strategic investment and financial services segment with the objective to include investments in stocks, bonds and other forms of securities and other potential investment opportunities.


We invest in diversified portfolio of investments products including listed or unlisted equity securities, debt instruments and funds. We identify and establish early positions with potential industry leaders in global markets in various sectors. We help them grow by providing assistance in various aspects, including short term financing to increase their manufacturing capacity, introducing other strategic partners and lining up networks to enter into new markets.
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Major types of pearls that the Group sells include:
– South Sea Pearls (which is a type of saltwater pearls)
– Tahitian Pearls (which is a type of saltwater pearls)
– Freshwater Pearls
– Freshwater Pearls (Nucleus)
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Apart from the processing and sale of pearls, the Group also offers customers with a range of jewellery products. The Group’s jewellery products are mainly designed and produced in-house on an ODM basis or on an OEM basis.
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